Any communication, documents and presentation should be in English.

 Scientific Sessions (I, II, III and IV)

The Scientific Session is divided into two large categories: “I and II Interdisciplinary Radiolarian Science” and “III and IV Radiolarian Studies.” All of these sessions (I, II, III and IV) are undoubtedly for radiolarian topics, and the first I and II sessions are prepared to let non-radiolarian specialists know how attractive our studies are. As non-radiolarian specialists may attend in I and II sessions only, we prepare two registration types: “Registration Type Symposium” and “Registration Type ALL.” Anyone who plan to attend Sessions III and/or IV (Radiolarian Studies) should register on “Registration Type ALL.” We provide five special sessions for I and II symposium (Interdisciplinary Radiolarian Science) as below:

  1. I. & II. Interdisciplinary Radiolarian Science (Conveners)
    1. Forms: An Interface between Function and Evolution (Yuki TOKUDA, and others)
    2. Biology and Paleobiology of Shelled Protista (Katsunori KIMOTO, and others)
    3. Cenozoic Paleoceanography of Marginal Seas (Takuya ITAKI, Yusuke OKAZAKI, Richard JORDAN, and others)
    4. Paleoceanography of Tethys and Panthalassa (Satoshi TAKAHASHI, and others)
    5. Jurassic/Cretaceous Boundary (Atsushi MATSUOKA and Gang LI)
  2. III. & IV. Radiolarian Studies

We don’t provide specified session names to “III & IV Radiolarian Studies” in this 2nd circular for proposal of most suitable names. We are asking for everyone to answer the queries on the website when you submit your abstract.

Abstract, oral and poster

Due to the limited session time, the following rules will be applied for whoever is willing to have presentations, except for our request.

  1. Number of orals, choice of oral or poster one:
    1.  One talk and one poster by each first author.
    2. You can submit one abstract for each.
    3. If oral request exceeds over capacity, InterRad XV OCM will move your oral request to poster. Only in this case, two posters are allowable.
  2. Abstract format
    1. The format available from the following website.
  3. Size of poster
    1. Width 80 cm and height 165 cm. A0 size is no problem. We prepare pushpins.
    2. As conference places are different on 23 and 24 Oct. (the Library Hall of Niigata University) and on 26 and 27 Oct. (TOKIMATE near JR Niigata Sta.), you need to peel your poster off on 24th evening and put it on a panel again on 26th morning by yourself.
    3. We estimate large number of posters due to small number of possible oral talks, so poster session time is planned one hour in days 23rd, 24th, 26th, and 27th, respectively.
  4. Oral presentation
    1. 15 minutes for your talk and additional 5 minutes for comments and questions (except for our requests).
    2. Anybody must bring your own laptop computer (both Win or Mac acceptable) or connectable tablet (e.g. iPad), and connect it to the display cable by yourself in the break time before your turn. InterRad XV OCM does not prepare computers for your talk, avoiding from virus threats as well as uncontrollable problems. If you don’t bring such device in the conference room, please find someone’s one by yourself.
    3. Projector is for “4:3” screen but “16:9” screen.
    4. We prepare two cable switchers (three or four computers can be connected at once) with VGA D-Sub 15 pins connector. If your device does not have this kind of connector, please prepare conversion adapter to VGA D-sub 15 pins.

WiFi access

Free WiFi both in the Library Hall (23 and 24 Oct.) and in TOKIMATE (26 and 27 Oct.) are available after your registration on site. Free WiFi is available in our recommended hotel.


Proceedings for InterRad XV in Niigata 2017 will be issued for these journals. Details will be explained in the 3rd circular

  1. Island Arc
  2.  Revue de Micropaléontologie
  3. Paleontological Research
  4. Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan

In a current situation, the deadline of submission is decided to Island Arc only by 1 November 2017.

We critically review any manuscripts following the required acceptance quality in journals, and your manuscript may not be issued on your expected journal. We will prepare questionnaires on the website about which journal you wish to submit your manuscript.

Websites for your registration, payment, accommodation, abstract submission

The on-line system “AMARYS” will open from the early April 2017 for registration (incl. welcome party), abstract submission, information on accommodation (incl. breakfast; not incl. lunch and dinner), choice of options (ice break party, farewell party, Excursion A through Excursion E), and payment. Payment may be separated in “registration”, “accommodation”, and “options.”

In AMARYS, the Japanese Yen Currency by Credit Card is only acceptable. However, those who wish overseas remittance etc., please ask our travel agent (shown on AMARYS).


VISA, Invitation letter or other documents for your visit to Japan

Please ask us after you registered on the website.


Money exchange and credit cards

Several restaurants and small shops can be paid by cash only in Niigata and other sites in the Excursions. As you have a small opportunity to go bank during the conference (bank opens from 9:00 to 15:00 on weekday), we recommend to exchange money in airports [money exchange unavailable in the hotel]. Cash may be drawn in “convenience stores” (the 7-Eleven, the Family Mart, the Lawson, etc.) with your credit card. There are many convenience stores, “Kon-Bini” in Japanese, everywhere. VISA, MasterCard and JCB are useful than American Express. China Union Pay card is acceptable in several shops.