20 Oct. 2017 (Fri.) – 22 Oct. 2017 (Sun.)

Pre-conference Excursions

  • Excursion A (Boso); option.
  • Excursion B (Inuyama); option.

!! In both excursions A and B, we will bring you to JR Niigata Station on 22 October 2017.

22 Oct. 2017 (Sun.)

Ice Breaker Party (Conference party a); optional but recommended.

23 Oct. 2017 (Mon.) – 27 Oct. 2017 (Fri.)

23rd (Mon.): Opening Ceremony (Plenary)

  • Scientific Session I (Special Session for Interdisciplinary Radiolarian Science)
  • Welcome Party (Conference party b); plenary.

24th (Tue.): Scientific Session II (Special Session for Interdisciplinary Radiolarian Science)

25th (Wed.): Mid-day Excursions

  • Excursion C (Itoigawa); option
  • Excursion D (Tai’nai); option

26th (Thu.): Scientific Session III (Radiolarian Studies)

27th (Fri.): Scientific Session IV (Radiolarian Studies)

  • Business meeting, Closing Ceremony; plenary
  • Farewell party (Conference party c); option

28 Oct. 2017 (Sat.) – 1 Nov. 2017 (Wed.)

Post-conference Excursion

  • Excursion E (Okinawa); option