We plan two pre-conference excursions (Excursion A (Boso), Excursion B (Inuyama)), two mid-day excursions (Excursion C (Itoigawa), Excursion D (Tai’nai)), and one post-conference excursion (Excursion E (Okinawa)) as conference options. We don’t accept the request to attend excursion only. As surplus subscription to the allowable participants’ numbers is predicted for any excursions, anyone should be registered as quick as possible.

As for Excursion E (Okinawa), there are several limitations and required rules. In further, we could manage to arrange one chance in Excursion E for sampling and one day only for observation of radiolarians. In addition, less than 12 people can go on board due to boat capacity. If you hope to attend plankton sampling tour in more flexible schedule, we recommend to attend our annual tour on early winter (late November or early December in general) (not planned in 2017), rather than this excursion. We will notice it for those who give up in this time.

The total number of acceptable attendants is practically limited, anyone should register your expected excursions from the website as soon as possible. InterRad XV OCM will let you know as quick as possible on whether you can join them or not. Unless you receive the notice about your expected excursions, we strongly recommend not to buy flight tickets. Payment for your excursions should start after the notice, too.