Excursion D (Tai’nai)

Cenozoic Radiolarian-bearing Outcrops in Tai’nai, Shimizu-en (Japanese garden) and Ichishima Sake Brewery in Shibata

  • Contacts: Isao MOTOYAMA (mail to: i-motoyama@sci.kj.yamagata-u.ac.jp),Toshiyuki KURIHARA, Takuya ITAKI
  • Price: 6,000JPY/person (including lunch, and entrance fee to Shimizu-en)
  • Allowable participants: Min 18, Max 40

The Tai’nai area is placed in the Niigata oil-field region and one of the historical areas where the late Prof. Kojiro NAKASEKO studied radiolarians (Sugano and Nakaseko, 1971; Mem. Osaka Kyoiku Univ. Sec. III, vol. 20). In  Natsui River Park(夏井河川公園)(Stop 2), called as “the Natsui section”, the upper Miocene Uchisugawa and Pliocene Kuwae formations with siliceous and calcareous microfossils crop out on the terrace cliff (Irizuki et al., 2007, PPP, 245). After lunch, we will visit a traditional Japanese palace garden ‘Shimizu-en’ (Stop 3). The Ichishima Sake Brewery Inc. (Stop 4) was found in 1790 by the Ichishima family and has been producing high quality Japanese sake. You may see a sake storehouse which is quite different from western wineries. Japanese classical bridal dress housed in the family, and sample awarded sakes in several international wine challenge contests.

  • Shimizu-en garden park [link]
  • Ichishima Sake Brewery Inc.  [link]

Natsui area where the upper Miocene to Pliocene crop out (Stop 2)

An example of a Japanese sake brewery in Niigata

Mid-day Excursion D (Tai’nai)
Time Stops Events Inclusive
9:30 Leave Niigata Station
10:20 Stop 1 Stop at the Michi-no-eki Tai’nai
10:50 Stop 2 Natsui River Park
(Cenozoic radiolarian-bearing
12:00 Lunch at the Royal Tai’nai Park Hotel lunch
13:40 Stop 3 Shimizu-en Japanese Garden Entrance fee
14:50 Stop 4 The Ichishima Sake Brewery
16:10 Arrive at Niigata Sta