Excursion E (Okinawa)

Observation of Living Radiolarians at the Sesoko Station in Sesoko Island and the Permian–Cretaceous Radiolarian-bearing Sequences in Ie Island, Okinawa

  • Contacts: Atsushi MATSUOKA, Noritoshi SUZUKI, Tsuyoshi ITO (mail to: ito-t@aist.go.jp), Katsunori KIMOTO, Akihiro TUJI, Ryo ICHINOHE, Xin LI
  • Price: 80,000JPY/person
  • Allowable participants: Min 15, Max 19
  • Notes: This excursion will end at Okinawa/Naha Airport (OKA) in 1st/Nov (carefully read ALL the documents).

In this trip, we will visit the Sesoko Station in Sesoko Island, which is a marine research station of the University of the Ryukyus. Several researchers have observed living radiolarians in the station and discovered several new things about radiolarian biology. The participants can experience sampling of plankton-bearing sea water from the research boat with using of a plankton net and observing living radiolarians at the Sesoko Station by several kinds of microscope. In addition, we will visit Ie Island, which is located to the northwest of Sesoko Island. Permian–Cretaceous radiolarian bearing sequences will be observed in this island.


Mt. Gusuku composed of pelagic cherts (Stop 1)


The cliff of the Ryukyu Group at Waji (Stop 2)


The research boat of the Sesoko Station


Post-conference Excursion E (Okinawa)
DAY Date Time Stops Events Accomodations Inclusive Not included
1st (Saturday)  28 Oct. 2017 6:30 Breakfast Breakfast
7:00 Check out the hotel
7:30 Leave JR Niigata Station
11:00 Arrive at Tokyo/Haneda  Airport (HND). We will soon pass through the gate JR train tickets
11:30 Luch in the gate area Lunch
13:05 Leave Tokyo/Haneda Airport (HND) Flight ticket
15:45 Arrive at Okinawa/Naha Airport (OKA) Transportation fee
Move to the hotel
17:45 Arrive at the hotel Hotel in Motobu area (double room) Dinner
2nd (Sunday) 29 Oct. 2017 7:00 Breakfast Breakfast
8:00 Start from the hotel Transportation fee
9:00 Leave Motobu Port Ferry fee
9:30 Arrive at Ie Port and move to Stop 1 Bus
10:00 Stop 1 Mt. Gusuku (Permian-Cretaceous radiolarian-bearing sequences in accretionary complexes)
12:00 The Waji Observatory Lunch
13:00 Stop 2 The locality of dimorphic albaillellarians from the Cisuralian (=Lower Permian) cherts
15:00 Return to Ie Port Bus
16:00 Leave Ie Port Ferry fee
17:00 Return to the hotel The same hotel on the 1st day Dinner
3rd (Monday) 30 Oct. 2017 7:00 Breakfast Breakfast
8:30 Start from the hotel Transportation fee
9:30 Site A Sail to plankton sampling from Motobu Port (<12 people only on the boat)
10:30 Site B Move to the Sesoko Station and start observation Transportation fee
12:00 Lunch (anytime as you wish) Lunch
17:00 end observation
18:00 BBQ at the Sesoko Station Dinner
20:00 Go back to the hotel The same hotel on the 1st day
4th (Tuesday) 31 Oct. 2017 7:00 Breakfast Breakfast
9:00 Start from the hotel Transportation fee
9:30 Stop 3 Nakijin Castle Remains (sightseeing) Entrance fee
12:00 Lunch at the hotel Transportation fee
13:00 Leave the hotel Lunch
13:00 Stop 4 Visit the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Entrance fee
16:00 Leave the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
16:30 Arrive at the hotel
19:00 Farewell party The same hotel on the 1st day Dinner
5th (Wednesday) 1 Nov. 2017 8:00 Breakfast and check-out the hotel Breakfast
9:00 Leave the hotel
12:00 Arrive at Okinawa/Naha Airport (OKA) Lunch
End of Excursion E Flight ticket
  • Note: NOT include flight fee from Okinawa/Naha Airport (OKA). You must arrange the ticket by yourself.
  • Note: Refund in any reasons will be followed by the rules of our travel agency.

Requirements of acceptances to participants for Excursion E

  1. More than three times of allowable number of participants are predicted to apply for Excursion E. You MUST NOT buy return tickets from Okinawa/Naha Airport (OKA) unless you receive our notice.
  2.  Any participants are to be asked to sign on liability waiver; otherwise we must refuse on your attendants.
  3. Less than 12 people can be on board in sampling. The remaining people has no chance to be on board.
  4. Sampling and ferry may be cancelled under bad weather conditions. Any claims with cancellation and refund requests are unacceptable after the refund deadline.