Recommended Accommodations

For your convenience (English, Internet connections and breakfast), we prepare a comfortable hotel next to “TOKIMATE.” You may book this hotel via our special website.


The hotel recommended will be introduced on our website. It is noted that the accommodation fee is estimated by each person but not each room. If you book a room for two persons, you need to pay twice the price. Our recommended hotel is next to both “TOKIMATE” where we have ‘Radiolarian Studies’ sessions (Session III and IV, on 26 Oct. and 27 Oct.) and “Cafe Audrey” where we have the ice break party. The benefit of this hotel is direct connection to JR Niigata Station, free Internet connection (WiFi), English available, breakfast, and comfortable. The service bus for our InterRad XV in Niigata leaves and arrives near this hotel. We strongly ask everyone to book this hotel on OUR website.

If Halal, vegetarian, allergen free, and other special meals are needed, please contact to our travel agent (contact address shown on the web). However, we are afraid but we cannot prepare such special meals in any parties (a: ice break; b: welcome party; c: farewell party) and all meals in all excursions.