We invite you to register and attend the 15th Meeting of the International Association of Radiolarists (InterRad XV in Niigata 2017), to be held in Niigata, Japan, from Friday October 20 until Wednesday November 1, 2017. We look forward to meeting in Niigata anyone interested in radiolarians.

Annonce (17/December/2017)

All programs have ended. We would like to thank you for your contribution to this meeting.

The next meeting will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 2020.

Photo Page

We will announce the photo page of this conference.

Abstracts, the 3rd Circular, and Program Booklet (19/October/2017)

  • Abstracts [PDF, updated on 16/October/2017]
  • The Third Circular [PDF, 24/October/2017]
  • Program Booklet [PDF, 19/October/2017]

Excursion Guides (13/October/2017)

  • Excursion A (Boso) [PDF]
  • Excursion B (Inuyama) [PDF]
  • Excursion C (Itoigawa) [PDF]
  • Excursion D (Tai’nai) [PDF]
  • Excursion E (Okinawa, Sesoko) [PDF]
  • Excursion E (Okinawa, Ie) [PDF]


Early Registration and Submission of Abstracts Is Ended.

Please visit https://amarys-jtb.jp/interrad2017/ and follow the instructions on this page.

Deadlines Are Extended

New deadlines are as follows:

  • Early Registration: June 15
  • Abstract Submission: June 15
  • Early Payment: July 31

The 2nd Circular Is Replaced

We edited the 2nd circular according to the new deadlines. [PDF]

Our Mail Address for Your Questions

Please send e-mail to  “***(we removed this mail address)” (asterisk should be replaced with at mark)  if you have any questions.

Recent Changes

The Second Circular Is Replaced.09/05/2017)


Registration Site Is Available (02/05/2017)

Please visit the site.

Our Twitter Account (13/04/2017)

We made our twitter account InterRadXV. This account twits mainly in Japanese and sometimes in English.

The Second Circular (17/03/2017)

The Second Circular is uploaded.

The posters of InterRad XV in Niigata 2017 are available. (17/03/2017)
  • Poster in English [PDF]
  • Poster in Japanese [PDF]


First Circular (PDF)  (29/09/2016)

First Circular [PDF] is aploaded.

Announcement of the 15th InterRad in 2017

The outline of the 15th InterRad has been determined. The scientific sessions will be held in Niigata University, Japan. Two pre-symposium excursions will be organized: one starts around Tokyo and the other starts near Nagoya. The two pre-excursions will end in Niigata. One post-symposium excursion, “Okinawa Tour”, includes a workshop on living radiolarians and visits to some outcrops of Paleozoic and Mesozoic sequences. The first circular of the 15th InterRad will be presented in the next issue of “Radiolaria” (summer in 2016).

The schedule of the 15th InterRad in 2017 is as follows:

  • Oct (19)20-22 Pre-symposium Excursions
  • Oct 22 (Sun) Evening: Ice Breaker
  • Oct 23 (Mon) Opening Ceremony, Scientific Session, Welcome Party
  • Oct 24 (Tue) Scientific Session
  • Oct 25 (Wed) One-Day Excursion
  • Oct 26 (Thu) Scientific Session
  • Oct 27 (Fri) Scientific Session, Business Meeting, Closing Ceremony
  • Oct 28 (Sat) Transportation from Niigata to Okinawa
  • Oct 29-31 (Sun-Tue) Okinawa Tour including a workshop on living radiolarians
  • Nov 1 (Wed) Departure from Okinawa

The organizing Committee of the 15th InterRad

Atsushi Matsuoka